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03/10/09 09:47 AM #78    

Kristine Strzycki (Cheuvront)

ALERT!! While trying to reserve a pavilion at Ty Warner park in Westmont, I was advised I needed to be a Westmont resident to do so. Stating this was a WHS class reunion didn't work. With that said, is there anyone still residing in Westmont, willing to take this one on? There is a security deposit required upon reservation. Please let me know if you are able to do this for us!! Thanks so much!

03/10/09 11:01 PM #79    

Michelle Andrus (Schlicher)

Kristine... I would be willing to reserve the park. I STILL live in town, so let me know details... and I will get that done. I'd be happy to help!!

03/11/09 12:19 AM #80    

Kristine Strzycki (Cheuvront)

Thanks so much for your help Michelle! You're the best!!

03/22/09 09:50 AM #81    

Tina Trowbridge

Who's up for a ride today? Message me on FB.

04/16/09 12:13 PM #82    

Kristine Strzycki (Cheuvront)

Reaching out to all alum (and with your help!)...
Saturday, 4/18
We're meeting at Ballydoyle Irish Pub, 5157 Main St., Downers Grove
U2 cover band, Elevation is playing
$5 cover
Please come join us!

Sorry if you're seeing this again or if I missed anyone! Spread the word!
Hope to see you there!

04/20/09 10:04 AM #83    

Kristine Strzycki (Cheuvront)

Check out the new link 'upcoming/past events' to your left. I'll be adding info (as I learn about them!) for upcoming events AND adding pics, etc., for past events (as I find them!). Please take a look! This is a great way to keep in touch with old friends!
Sure hope you can attend any of the 'events' in the future!

04/25/09 02:14 AM #84    

Chad Graves

What's Happenin' People?!!!

Hey Kris,
I got your message on and I just set up my profile. Excellent job setting everything up. Website and all.
I saw that you were askin' about music for the reunion festivities.I have a serious amount of music from the 80's and more in MP3 format on my computer. Rock, pop, house music, rap, etc. (Sorry, no country) If you would like, I could burn a bunch of CD's or even set up my son's iPod with a shitload of music. If everybody can pipe in with suggestions, that would really help. Put it on the user forum or Email me. If I don't have the song, I can get it.
Now, are we gonna need a sound system? I can probably help out in this department.
Anything I can do to help out, just give me a buzz.

Cell: (630)698-2423


P.S. Sorry, can't ride. Bike took a shit.

05/17/09 05:48 PM #85    

Jennifer Flink (Schneider)

Hey Kris!

We are thinking we would like to meet up with everyone on the 30th at BallyDoyle in DG. Anyone else going?


06/30/09 04:19 PM #86    

Tina Trowbridge

Hello? Anyone out there?

07/08/09 08:56 PM #87    

Thomas Brown

I'm no one, does that count?

07/08/09 10:08 PM #88    

Kristine Strzycki (Cheuvront)

Absolutely! =D

07/17/09 09:52 AM #89    

Kristine Strzycki (Cheuvront)


Payment is due for those planning to attend the Reunion dinner on 9/26, at the Hilton. We are very fortunate to receive a price break of $10/person due to WHS utilizing the facility now for their proms.
The next deposit is due to the Hilton in a week. I cannot pay the difference out of pocket. We will lose the space if it is not paid.
I truly appreciate your quick response as I (and others!) am really looking forward to this!!

Thanks, Kristine

07/30/09 07:09 PM #90    

Kristine Strzycki (Cheuvront)

Blocked rooms are now available! We were able to get an outstanding rate of $89.00!

Please click on the '20 Year Reunion' for hotel info.

08/13/09 10:35 PM #91    

Thomas Brown

Did anyone talk to Chad Graves about the music? I might be able to assist as well. I have a PA but it's rather small, (skip the SMALL jokes! =D ). TOM

08/16/09 04:13 PM #92    

Kristine Strzycki (Cheuvront)

A DJ has been selected! No need to be concerned with music!

08/19/09 03:22 PM #93    

Tina Trowbridge

I just booked a room for the eve of the reunion, but am flying solo so... if anyone wants to split on the room please let me know :)

09/27/09 03:05 PM #94    

Kristine Strzycki (Cheuvront)

Outstanding reunion! Everyone looked absolutely awesome!
I can't wait to see you all again real soon!

To those that didn't/couldn't attend, you definitely were missed!

09/29/09 03:02 PM #95    

Jayson Baker

Hi Everyone,

I regret that I couldn't attend the reunion due to a prior engagement, but reading your posts tells it was quite an experience for you all. The enthusiasm and success of the event shows.

Best to all of you! And, if this were to happen again, I hope I can attend.


09/30/09 12:06 PM #96    

Kristine Strzycki (Cheuvront)

5 more years! Pencil it on your calendars! Wait to hear from Tom (Brown) for more details!

And of course, there will be plenty of 'fun' to be had between now & then!

09/30/09 08:17 PM #97    

Jane Ledajaks (Stegen)

Hey Tom,
Since you have been selected as the next organizer. Find a place without stairs LOL

10/02/09 09:00 AM #98    

Kristine Strzycki (Cheuvront)

There was an elevator on the other side...


Why couldn't there be a bathroom downstairs?!!!!

10/03/09 01:26 PM #99    

Thomas Brown

Who's this Tom Brown character? I don't remember seeing him there. I'm Paul Kretschmer, just check my name tag.

I truly enjoyed seeing all of you. I agree on an annual picnic, I'm sure we can figure out who's back yard is largest. Otherwise, there's an annual Westmont fest in August I think. We went this year with the Wittings and Stacks and the place was empty, we'd have it all to ourselves plus there's food and a beer truck! For future reference, I have a PA system w/ speaker stands. I know Chad Graves offered music and possibly equipment too, so consider that covered for future picnics if they're happening at our homes. One day I plan on joining the "internet thing-a-ma-jiggy" that James was talking about. As for the 5 year reunion, forget about it! Just kidding, I'll help in any way I can to get it together. Loved seeing you all! Tom

11/26/09 11:55 AM #100    

Keith Wonsowski

To everyone here, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday.

01/07/10 09:33 PM #101    

Michael Bartosz

Our family had a great Christmas and wonderful New Year! Finally I had a 4-day stretch off during the Christmas Holiday. It was great to spend lots of time with the kids and family. We are so grateful for our health, jobs we are still holding and dearest friends to spend time with. Happy New Year to all my old Westmont friends.

05/20/10 10:00 AM #102    

Kristine Strzycki (Cheuvront)

Happy summer everyone!  I hope that you and your family have a great summer!

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