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02/06/09 11:23 AM #53    

Thomas Brown

The Great and Powerful OZ?!??

02/06/09 02:19 PM #54    

Kristine Strzycki (Cheuvront)

Ok. The forum has returned to its original state. But the forum will change at some point in the near future.

02/07/09 02:32 PM #55    

Junus Ong

Good Afternoon All. Holy Shitnitz I feel OLD. I believe I was the 2nd oldest in our classroom. Thanks to Shi Gi Chen for being the oldest. lol Thank god for not being a grandparent yet. Scary thoughts!

You know how crappy it was to be the one of the oldest and not be eligible to take drives ed yet? lol so I had to drive my red Yamaha scooter around. lmao

It's great to have read some of everyone's stories and life adventures. Kristine, you’ve done a great job with the website. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you again. Can't wait!

Take care


02/09/09 10:48 AM #56    

Janice Fast (Rissman)

I was the youngest and still am! :)
Dennis Wingert was always mad about that. I beat him by a month. Where the heck is Denny? Anyone...?

02/09/09 11:27 AM #57    

Kristine Strzycki (Cheuvront)

Hello everyone!
It is now February & we have only a short time left to find our missing classmates! We need everyone's help!! It would be great if we could find everyone! Can you imagine?
With so many responses from all of you, our individual out-of-pocket costs are being reduced by every classmate added!
Let's find those classmates!

02/09/09 06:30 PM #58    

Dennis Wingert

You know Janice I didn't find that out until Senior year in Dervins Homeroom..and for some reason I think I am still pissed about that....hahaha

02/09/09 09:39 PM #59    

Jamie Kruse

Sweet Jesus, Dervin's homeroom!!! Now that brings back some memories.

02/10/09 09:25 PM #60    

Christopher Kyriazis

hey everyone. i've been poking around this site for a couple of days and i just found the message forum. it's so great seeing people here after all the years. funny thing, it doesn't seem like 20 years. time truly does fly. and Tom, poopy diapers are nothing. wait till they're about potty trained, get poop all over their hands, and decide it's a cool way to draw all over the toilet. gag reflex in overdrive with eyes so watery you almost can't see what you are doing. thank god for flushable wet wipes.

02/10/09 11:09 PM #61    

Thomas Michalek

Guten tag!! (remember that!) So glad to hear from everyone, Hopefully I'm quite a ways from being a grandparent but, when that day comes I aint gonna be changing diappers (done with dat chit!) I'll be partying my a$$ off, probably with Brown, Witting and Stack. I'm sure my kids will probably be watching yours anyway. For those who were at the driveway parties let's do it again and I'd love to get another football game in over buy Wingerts old house GOOD TIMES!! Might have to wait another year though due to a lengthy otj injury. Looking forward to seeing y'all in the fall!!

02/13/09 05:20 PM #62    

Janice Fast (Rissman)

I can still see your face Dennis, when I told you. Ah Mrs. Dervin's homeroom. Who was in there with us Wayne, Jenny Saif, Tiff, Tom B, Jamie, Jackie?, I dont remember- who else?

02/16/09 11:44 AM #63    

Tina Trowbridge

Hey does anyone on here ride?

02/16/09 11:52 AM #64    

Tiffany Severus (Boswell)

Harley right? Sure do all the time!

02/16/09 11:54 AM #65    

Tiffany Severus (Boswell)

Janice, we had the best of times in there!! Ha!! Still brings a smile to my face!!

02/16/09 11:56 AM #66    

Jennifer Saif (Schweiger)

just wanted to tell you, Kris, that you're doing a great job with all this! If you need any help with any of the 'tasks', let me know! This site is great!
Hi everyone! =)

02/17/09 07:32 AM #67    

Keith Wonsowski

Hi everyone, how is evryone doing? I can't believe its been this long, a lot of time has passed. how are you doing Tom M? Hey Tina, I ride. Had to enjoy that 60 degree day somehow last week.

02/17/09 10:24 AM #68    

Kristine Strzycki (Cheuvront)

Thanks for all the offers of help! We're now in the 'need to find a location for the reunion dinner' mode. Since it looks like we'll have @100 people (including spouses/guests) or so, it's probably wise to look into a hotel. At this point, we'd have to close a restaurant & pay $$ for that. I spoke to someone at WHS & she said they use Hilton Lisle for their proms now. So I called them. I rec'd a response from them and they'll be able to block rooms for us @$99/night. Not bad! But I don't have a $$deposit needed to reserve the room for the event. I think that part will be tricky.
If ANYONE wants to start calling hotels in the area & ask for pricing, PLEASE DO! Please let me know what you find!
Thanks for your assistance!!!

02/21/09 07:14 PM #69    

Tina Trowbridge

Once it warms up I'd love to plan a ride with those that do!

02/25/09 11:35 PM #70    

Junus Ong

Hey Keith and Tina, How are you? let me know when you guys ride. would love to join

02/26/09 03:14 PM #71    

Tina Trowbridge

You're on! Anyone ride yesterday?

02/26/09 03:34 PM #72    

Keith Wonsowski

Hey Junus, how have you been? I'm game, as in going for a ride. Sounds like a good idea Tina, we should get a group to go out for a ride. Unfortunately, couldn't ride yesterday, had to work.

03/03/09 10:52 PM #73    

Junus Ong

Hey Kristine,

I've noticed you are looking for a DJ. I have an old friend that DJ for a living. Let me know if you want me to find out.

03/03/09 10:53 PM #74    

Junus Ong

Its still to damn cold to ride. lol

03/04/09 02:12 PM #75    

Tina Trowbridge

Riding thursday... who's in?

Is everyone in here on Facebook?

03/04/09 03:12 PM #76    

Keith Wonsowski

I'm in, hope it doesn't rain. They called for it in todays forecast.

03/07/09 10:12 AM #77    

Kristine Strzycki (Cheuvront)

I sent the reunion announcement to WHS to be added to the alumni page (in .pdf as requested!) & they only posted the info from it. It turns out the site doesn't support pdf files. I sent it again as an image. We'll see!

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