In Memory

Mark Meronek

Mark Meronek
Born July 9, 1971, Deceased July 7, 1996

Mark is survived by both his parents (John and Kathryn), brother (Mike) and sisters (Renee and Carrie).



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01/18/09 11:37 PM #1    

Rachel Kusreau

There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of Mark. He was a good friend to me and was a joy to be around.

It was such a blessing to have him in my life for years that I did.

01/19/09 12:15 AM #2    

Kristine Strzycki (Cheuvront)

I can still remember hearing him call my name, not Kris, Kristine or hey you! It was Kristmas.

He always had a way of making you smile when you're down. Simply by cracking jokes or acting silly.

I was sad to hear that he passed away.

01/19/09 09:48 PM #3    

Jennifer Saif (Schweiger)

My brother and I think about Mark all the time. I remember not being able to breathe from crying so much and so hard at his funeral. He was such a joy to be around and taken away from us way too soon. RIP Mark. xoxox

01/27/09 04:00 PM #4    

Kathy Farmer (Bertuca)

I am with Kristine. Mark called me Kate. The only person in 37 years to ever call me Kate. I can still hear it today.

01/29/09 11:26 AM #5    

Melisa Kendzierski (House)

He used to call me Trish.

For no other reason than he said I looked like a Trish.

He was such a sweet guy. It is a shame that he was taken so early.

01/30/09 03:11 PM #6    

Tina Trowbridge

I'm with you Rach.... Not a day goes by I'm not reminded of Mark in some way. I spent alot of time with him when I moved back and I miss him greatly.

Useless trivia: Mark gave me my first kiss ever, in front of the Frogger game at the Westmont Roller Rink. When he asked if I liked it... I said "I'm not sure, let's try it again". He liked to remind me of that... LOL

01/31/09 10:20 AM #7    

Diana Chiappano (Selir)

OK Tina, I'm with you...he also was my first kiss. It too was at the roller rink, but it was in front of the Centipede game. He didn't ask if I liked it, he just knew :) (Of course I did!) Sounds like a see a patern with him...I will always remember our "Couples" skates! And walking home from the roller rink with him was always an adventure! Every time I passed by where the "rink" used to be, I think of those days and how he always brought a smile to my face. He will live forever in my heart!

02/23/09 02:25 PM #8    

Lisa Dauner (Marshall)

Ok...I guess I'm another "First Kiss" Mark was so funny, and so much fun. Lot's of memories with him. Our first kiss was in Gina Uzzardo's back yard by her shed. I think of him often and love the memories he gave me.


03/09/09 05:46 PM #9    

Shakil Wazir

What a kissing bandit he was!!!
Seriously, how many of us could pull off those white pants as good as he could.
We had many fun late nights playing pool at Suburbanite Bowl...he was always better than me.
Oh yeah, he even kissed ME on the cheek once...I'll never forget it, at Suburbanite! ha...

After this many years, it feels good to reflect on Mark with you guys...Thanks!

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